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It's soo easy to just avoid any sort of confrontation by just either grabbing a fist full of throttle and leaving them in the dust or easily maneuvering the bike into different lanes or slots for a few minutes and leaving them many car lengths behind. Reason being.... My brother got into a nasty confrontation in 1979 over something as dumb as this and lost his life over it! My father-in-law got his door opened wide with my 2 little boys in the car and got the living crap kicked out of him right in front of the babies! Definitely not worth it. Flashing a gun? They can pull a gun....chucking marbles or anything else at them?? They're in a car! A car is the ultimate weapon on the road...one of those mindsets "OK. you fu*# with my stuff, I'll fu*& with yours and eventually, they'll make it their business to catch up with you somehow...someway,,,you don't F with a man's vehicle no matter who's at fault!
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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