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Sorry Everybody, I have to ask just how loud is the V&H Big Radius 2 to 2?

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I hate to do it but I have to know before I buy just how loud is the V&H big radius 2 into 2? I want something that sounds friggin awesome but not so loud I can't hear myself think. Just wanted to get some opinions, I have read where with the baffles in its not bad but does it still sound mean or like stock, and without them is it just over the top loud or just right. I will put it this way I want a good roar but not something that rattles my cage constantly. Also bout to order all kinds of goddies from Low and Mean can't **** wait. I am about to completely rip this thing apart and turn it into my garage wife. Thanks for the input guys and gals! Want to order exhaust this week! L&M Fenders, Seat, and I can't decide on the lowering spring or not! **** I need help!
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All personal opinion of course, but I love my 2 into 2. The sound is just right. I had a hard time when I first got the Stryker because I couldn't hear what the engine was doing and without a tach, I was a loss on shift points. The new pipes changed all that improved my shift points and gas mileage (when I'm not romping it to hear the rumble). You will not be disappointed with this exhaust man and so far it is my favorite addition to an already awesome bike.
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