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Heya Folks,

Been driving a Stryker for a bit now and have been quite in love with it.
It's my first cruiser and so I don't have much to compare it to as far as it's class goes. I ride with quite a few folks
that are usually on Softail HD's and I do like the sound of those quite a bit, but they can't keep up with the throttle dropped. ^_^
I liked how this bike is quite the hybrid of all bikes.

Been pulling quite a bit of technical information from these forums and figure it only fair I join in and try and give back.
I am currently looking to modify the muffler to get a bit of that sound out as well as lower passenger pegs for a more comfy ride back there.
I easily put around 70 miles a day on this bike and yawns at that. heh

Besides the introduction I do gotta say thank you to everyone here for such a rich place of information on these beautiful bikes.
Again I hope I can give something back in due time.


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Welcome to the forum. Glad to have you here!!
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