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speedo inaccuracy

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Reading different posts I have seen a few of you mention the inaccurate sppedometer on the Stryker. Can anyone explain further as to how off it is, why it is off, and if there is a good fix if the problem is real. The only time I want to be pulled over for speeding is when I actual am speeding. Thanks guys.
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SmokenJOE said:
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SmokenJOE said:
Just a thought..have lots of these :)
Wonder if the speedo is off due to our tires being rounded. Certainly not traveling at same speed on the side when making a curve as we would be going straight. :-\
I don't think so.....doesn't make sense. No matter what part of the tire is touching the ground, it would still travel the same amount of revolutions. Distance traveled divided by time is the formula for speed.
True, but doesn't the smaller diam. get there sooner?
You're thinking too hard on this one... At a given RPM, you might be going faster on top of the tire vs on the side of the tire. I can agree with that. But the speedo gets it's reading from inside the engine/tranny somewhere. It doesn't matter what part of the tire you're riding on... And besides, most of the time when people check their speed, they are traveling in a straight line anyway.
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