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speedo inaccuracy

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Reading different posts I have seen a few of you mention the inaccurate sppedometer on the Stryker. Can anyone explain further as to how off it is, why it is off, and if there is a good fix if the problem is real. The only time I want to be pulled over for speeding is when I actual am speeding. Thanks guys.
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This is a formula to calculate tire/seedo size. I'm sure ther are others out too.
skwerlee said:
I must admit that I'm pretty surprised that a brand new motorcycle's speedometer would be so far off. Why on earth would a MAJOR motorcycle manufacturer let bikes go out the door when their speedometers are so poorly calibrated?
skwerly if you go back in this thread a bit you will see a link I posted that has an article on the subject that states that manufactures of all vehicles us this practice an gives explanation.
SmokenJOE said:
Just a thought..have lots of these :)
Wonder if the speedo is off due to our tires being rounded. Certainly not traveling at same speed on the side when making a curve as we would be going straight. :-\
hhhmmm? Maybe that explains wy my tire wore on the sides faster than the center. :-\
StrykenShane said:
i keep telling my wife that but she laughs at me
now that's funny.
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