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SportbikeTrackGear.com has the inside info on Sidi's NEW race boot, the Mag-1!

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BIG NEWS here, Sidi is releasing a new top end race boot. When it comes to their top of the range motorcycle boots Sidi only releases a new boot when they feel the design is a step forward.

Sidi is taking race boots in an all new direction with the Mag-1. They have combined an innovative internal bracing system with well chosen design elements and materials to create a very lightweight, yet ultra protective race boot system.

The Mag 1 will be available in April of 2014 and it will not be replacing the Sidi Vortice, they will both remain in the Sidi Boots catalog.

When I have more info and a video I'll update the thread. You can click on the link below to see all the technical details of this amazing new boot:


The Mag-1 boot comes in at 4.4 pounds, over 14oz. or 17% lighter than the Vortice boot!

The internal support system is made with carbon fiber beams, making up the frame of the boot. This system allows excellent flex movement front-to-back while being firm side-to-side.

An all new Micrometric Tecno-3 magnetic closure mechanism is easy and quick to use as well as being highly adjustable and light in weight. The TECNO-3 Magnetic closures close the boot with an extremely resistant steel wire, that is hooked to the clip with the aid of a magnet.

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