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Spray painting side mount plate

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Hello all, I did search this topic and i was not able to find a answer or i completly missed it.

My question is, I have a side mount plate/bracket that straightjack made for me and I need to spray paint it. The only store close by is a wal-mart, what spray paint(s) do you recommend to spray this item. Will i need to spray a primer over it?

The reason i ask this right now is my GF will be picking this stuff up for me since i am at work for 12 hours making sure the bad people play nice.
Will i also need to sand the metal any to rough it up or will the primer do the job. If you have a picture of the product can you attach it to the topic, so if needed i can send her the picture of the spray paint

Thank you
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Here is what I used. Cleaned up the edges a little and lightly sanded all surfaces.


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