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STAGE 1 upgrade

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I’m new to this forum and also just recenlty purchased my 2012 Stryker. Love it! but dissapointed in it’s low-end performance. I’ve done some research and I’m I’m planning on doning what my mechanic calls a “Stage 1 Upgrade” – putting on the Van & Hines Twin Slash Staggered pipes, Intake air filter, and Power Commander, and dialing it all in on the dynamometer. Cost is going to be about $2k which I’m fine with, just want to make sure I’m going to see a performance difference when it’s done. I’m looking for feedback from anyone who has done these upgrades, and is an “Auto Tune” nececary also or is that already part of the Dyno Jet Power Commander that I’m getting? Regards, Terry
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I dont remember where I read this ... but I think that a guy here in the forum reported a 17hp increase with the autotune, V&H pipe and the Cobra Powerflow...
Wish some companies will come with something like that for us ... i am linking the thread , but there is a 145 hp turbocharged victory there ...


I know that on racer ther are usually in the 3k - 4k range ... I guess it would be the same. I would be surprised otherwise.
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