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STAGE 1 upgrade

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I’m new to this forum and also just recenlty purchased my 2012 Stryker. Love it! but dissapointed in it’s low-end performance. I’ve done some research and I’m I’m planning on doning what my mechanic calls a “Stage 1 Upgrade” – putting on the Van & Hines Twin Slash Staggered pipes, Intake air filter, and Power Commander, and dialing it all in on the dynamometer. Cost is going to be about $2k which I’m fine with, just want to make sure I’m going to see a performance difference when it’s done. I’m looking for feedback from anyone who has done these upgrades, and is an “Auto Tune” nececary also or is that already part of the Dyno Jet Power Commander that I’m getting? Regards, Terry
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Thanks for the recommendations and feedback.
thank you Wyld Ryde, that was helpful. looking forward to having the upgrades installed!
Frag said:
I dont remember where I read this ... but I think that a guy here in the forum reported a 17hp increase with the autotune, V&H pipe and the Cobra Powerflow...
That is awesome. The shop that is doing my upgrades will be putting it on their Dyno so I’ll ask them if they can read the measurable horse power increase (and I’ll ask them to be straight with me). Having the work done in about 2wks so I’ll report back to you guys after it is done. BTW does anybody know what our stock HP rating is?
Mithros said:
Wow, is that turbo able to be equipped to the Stryker? Right now I have the Power Commander V, is the autotuner really necessary?
The way it was explained to me is that the Autotuner is helpful making fine-tuning fuel adjustments when you are climbing different altitudes, from sea level up to the mountains, and only if you need maximum performance during those changes. But if your bike is dialed in on the dyno you really shouldn’t need the autotune, from what I’m told..
I THINK the map you talking about has the instructions/settings that are recommended based on the equipment that is being installed. A starting point for the settings. Then you run it on the dyno to fine tune it in based on your altitude and other variables. That’s how I understand it but this process is new to me so…
IMO I really don’t think the Stryker is the right bike to put a turbocharger on. How often do ride with the RPMs up that high where the turbo would perform? If you were going to build your bike for the drag strips track then you would be using the turbo’s potential, but other than that I think it would be an incredibly expensive mod that probably isn’t necessary.
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