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Star Days??

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I was wondering if anyone here has ever been to one of yamahas annual StarDays events in past years and what you thought of it. I see there is one coming up in Hershey PA in july which is very close to me. Just kinda wondering what to expect out of it.
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They have bikes to test ride and Yamaha reps on site.

Watch it though. If it gets too hot, they pack it up and leave. Last year I was looking to test ride a Raider and a Stryker to purchase, but they shut it down anyway.

The guy had the temp on his phone, only problem was,it was his home state and not where we were. It showed 105 on his phone. I told him it was 95 at our location and in my lifetime it never hit 105. He didn't want to hear it. They sent me and another potential buyer away. The dealer wasn't to happy about it, but they don't work for the dealer.
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