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Starting custom bars

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I've got a stick of 1" and hooking up with the mandrel bender today, should have a couple of working sets pretty soon! My main obstacle is what to do with the speedo? Anyone have any clever ideas on how to tuck that in to a different style of bar? I'd s#!t can it if it weren't for the fuel guage! Allready ran out once!


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Only 3 screws holding it on. If you plan on making an 'H' style bar with a cross member, then it would be a simple matter of welding on a plate with 3 holes. No?
The only thing I really dont like about those kinds of after market guages is the rear wheel sensor/magnet system for calculating speed/distance etc.
Seems cheap and gimmicky. Why not just make lead that taps into the speed sensor?
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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