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Stock Rear Tire

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Hey has anybody else had an issue with the rear tire not holding pressure? Mine will settle at about 15lbs but it won't hold above that? Any ideas? And anybody know where to get a new tire cheap? I just did a quick check and it's like $260 for a new 210...
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I've been having a similar slow leak for about a week now. Couldn't find anything puncture-wise and replaced the valve core. After the core swap it was still losing around 5lbs a day. With no real answer, I ordered a 240 and put it on today. Initial thoughts are that it looks big almost in a distracting way and I feel like I lost something in handling. Il. Probably get used to the look, but time will tell on the handling. I should mention that I've only put about 5 miles on it so far, so I may feel different. It's just that my immediate though was that I was having to push it into turns more instead of it falling in. About to put a few more miles on for comparison.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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