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Stock Rear Tire

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Hey has anybody else had an issue with the rear tire not holding pressure? Mine will settle at about 15lbs but it won't hold above that? Any ideas? And anybody know where to get a new tire cheap? I just did a quick check and it's like $260 for a new 210...
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Porkchop said:
Thanks all. I haven't hit anything or bent the rim, and now the place I have service the bike says that they automatically replace rather than repair? Another place said they'd "plug" the hole, I didn't think anybody did that anymore due to liability.

Also I was just told that I shouldn't have a stock Bridgestone on the front and say an Avon on the back. They said it's dangerous??? Anybody hear this before?
I had my Avon 240 patched like 1,500 miles ago and it's holding up just fine. I've heard that ideally you don't mix and match the front and rears but it won't hurt anything. I still have my stock front tire with my Avon rear and it works just fine. NO ISSUES. I think it's more important for a cornering machine like a sport bike.
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