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Stripped axle and bolt

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I removed my axle to install my new license plate and found out that I had entirely stripped the nut and partially stripped the axle thread. Must have over tightened it after I tightened my belt. Does anyone know of somewhere to get a replacement bolt and/or axle? I am going to bring the axle to a guy to re-cut the threads tomorrow and see if that holds. :frown:
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I just placed my order on boats.net. Comes to $48.04 including shipping for the axle and nut. I went to my local dealership and asked the guy if he could match it but the lowest he could go was something like $59 for the axle alone. Website says 3-5 days shipping so I have some time to figure out this wiring.
Glad you went this way and not the rethreading route. Could not remember if the thread was fine or not so I looked and it appears to be sort of medium. Besides using an impact gun to start it I cannot see how you did this but your "oops" was pretty darn cheap so hey you learned and got off easy to boot! From earlier threads: I torque both sides and that is my recommendation. Since you have to do it anyway take some time and make sure it is aligned correctly and consider removing the brake heat/dust shield as well. The rear rotor looks awesome without that there IMHO. I'm doing it when I swap out to a 240 sometime next season...
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