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Stripped axle and bolt

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I removed my axle to install my new license plate and found out that I had entirely stripped the nut and partially stripped the axle thread. Must have over tightened it after I tightened my belt. Does anyone know of somewhere to get a replacement bolt and/or axle? I am going to bring the axle to a guy to re-cut the threads tomorrow and see if that holds. :frown:
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I found this online. http://www.boats.net/parts/search/Yamaha/Motorcycle/2011/STRYKER - XVS13CAO/REAR WHEEL/parts.html

I'll go to the dealer tomorrow morning with this printed out and see if they will match the price. $40 is not bad at all. Thanks for the response.
I just placed my order on boats.net. Comes to $48.04 including shipping for the axle and nut. I went to my local dealership and asked the guy if he could match it but the lowest he could go was something like $59 for the axle alone. Website says 3-5 days shipping so I have some time to figure out this wiring.
The thread on the axle is 18x1.5
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