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Stryker Exhaust options with passenger peg relocation?

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I'm looking for exhaust option that will fit the Stryker with the passenger pegs lowered using the warrior relocation kit. It looks like most aftermarket exhaust will interferer with the pegs. I like the Vance Hines Staggered exhaust and the Cobra swept look but it's looking like the Cobra slip-on is my only option. Who's done the peg relocate and an aftermarket exhaust?
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Wyntress said:
grizztracks said:
coors said:
grizztracks said:
Just ordered the Cobra Slip-on for $190. Maybe I can talk the wife into eventually buying her own bike then I won't worry about the passenger pegs and I'll get the pipes I want.
Thats what I did, bought her a vstar 250.
I was thinking more like the vstar 950 but she was looking at a 650 last summer. Maybe I should move up to the Raider and put her on a very nice, slightly used Stryker.
Just my .02 here, but I think she would love that (great surprise), and a good deal for you too!!! Everyone wins!!! :). lmao.
x2 Great idea. She would like it much more than the 950. My hubby had a 950 before he got his Roadliner and it was OK, but the Stryker is much better. :)
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