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Stryker Exhaust options with passenger peg relocation?

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I'm looking for exhaust option that will fit the Stryker with the passenger pegs lowered using the warrior relocation kit. It looks like most aftermarket exhaust will interferer with the pegs. I like the Vance Hines Staggered exhaust and the Cobra swept look but it's looking like the Cobra slip-on is my only option. Who's done the peg relocate and an aftermarket exhaust?
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Here's my cycle-istic and the cobra swepts. they fit without mods but I have an additional bracket that I designed that moves the pegs forward & down a bit for even more legroom. My wife is long legged ;D

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grizztracks said:
I like the pipes but I'm not a big fan of the relocate. I don't like the fact that they stick out so far and are so noticable. I don't ride double that often and like the warrior relocate because you hardly notice the pegs when they are folded up. It looks like I'll be ordering the slip-on.
I don't like the way the cycle-istic stick out either & may take them off. They are more for function than looks. Since my parts got stuck at the painter's for over 5 months (long story) my wife hasn't tried the relocated rear pegs yet. If my custom brackets moves the pegs down & forward enough then the cycle-istic relocation brackets will be gone otherwise I'll deal with them.
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