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Stryker Forum members in every state, almost!!!

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Looks like we are short members in 4 states. New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming. The east cost is stacked with Strykers.
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Well shouldn't be long before the Dakota's have a Stryker or two. Isn't that where the Sturgis rally's are?
SFCMcGan said:
Toby said:
Well shouldn't be long before the Dakota's have a Stryker or two. Isn't that where the Sturgis rally's are?
Always wanted to go to Sturgis....
That's in our plans for 2013 ride that and east coast Florida and the gulf coast.
Ronin said:
Wes, are we talking about a Stryker group ride to sturgis ..... cause if so I'm there. Nothing better looking then 50 strykers riding in together.
Already planing a Sturgis run in 2013. It would be awesome to put together a Stryker rally fore then. We may even try to make it there this year. I believe it's in August.
Ronin said:
Well Toby as long as you don't make me ride more then 400 miles a day and I can get the time off work, you can count me in ;D
Ya we been called hard asses by some pretty tough bikers but 400 miles is a lot. 2 summers ago we only did that once on our 2,500 mile ride. And that was straight freeway from Boulevard,Ca which is in the San Diego mountains to Clovis Ca near Fresno. That was a little over 400 miles and it took us 11 hrs. Stopping for breakfast, lunch, and every 100 miles for gas and coffee. And that was 2 up on the old Virago. Probably could do more on the newer bigger bikes solo but really wouldn't wont to. The only time I remember riding more than that was when I was about 25 years old rode 2 up from Lake Tahoe to San Diego in less than 12 hrs. That's little over 600 miles. I read an article about a woman riding I think 800 miles in one day on a cross country ride. And I'm sure there is many more out there. But we want to stop and take in some sights. And my wife will be riding her own bike so I can say probably be looking at more like 200 to 300 miles a day and more than likely some under 200 mile days
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