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Hi, this is Marcin from Chicago. Just picked up my Stryker, black, not even a week ago. Love the bike. I did a crosover from street bike into a cruiser. I guess that's what happens in early 30's. I hope there's a lot of cool aftermarket parts available soon. Talk to you gys soon.
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Re: What's up riders

STRYKER9003 said:
The color is great. Now I'm looking around for nice set of mirrors, exhaust and air intake or possibly hypercharger. Then I think I'm going to find a way to paint most of the chrome flat black.
I just painted some of the chrome on my raven stryker flat black on the weekend. I took the advice of i believe it was a post from L & M on the site. I scuffed the chrome with a 600 grit wet sandpaper. Then I spray bombed it flat black. time will tell how long it holds up but it looks so much better. Don't know why it didn't come that way from the factory
Re: What's up riders

11stryker said:
Yes, And I wish the Chrome on Engine was Black Also!
That would be nice. I might wait and see how the paint holds up on the other chrome parts. If they hold up good than might be a good project for next winter to try and blacken those as well
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