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Stryker Manual

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OK I think I got it...lol..


You should be able to download the 23M file.

I hope this helps..

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Re: Download it here... hopefully,,lol

I know this helps us alot on the raider forum...so I stickied
it for easy access....hope this helps.
Yeah, that will help out alot. Thanks dejablu!!
Thank you Urban - this is awesome!
Good idea to 'sticky' it, Deja!!
Has anyone attempted to adjust their valves yet, have 4,000 miles on and it is recommended as regular maintanance.
Valves are recommended at every 16,000 miles. you got alittle bit to go still.
where did you find that, the dealer is telling me at 4,000 miles and it is going in tomorrow. Hate to spend the money if I do not have too!
Love the PDF of the manual!
Soooo much easier to find $hit you need to know quick using the search option in Adobe Reader!
Okay, so i found the maintenance schedule in the manual, kind of wondering why my dealer would tell me 4,000!!! I have heard bad things about the service department at the dealer but thought since it was under new ownership it would be better, guess not!
Awesome, Nice to find this!

Good Job.

Thanks alot this will come in handy i'm sure
1 - 20 of 91 Posts
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