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OK I think I got it...lol..


You should be able to download the 23M file.

I hope this helps..

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saclean said:
Nice i needed that for Patrices bike. now if i could just find the compleat manuel for mine. Thanks again. 8)
My mechanic loves me. I do help when I can. I know tools pretty well, just don't have the knowledge to do some of the work. :)
If Mikoloe were to respond.

Open new 12 pack and drink two beers

At the bar ends there is a small cap, gently pry these off. Under these caps is a hex wrench bolt. Remove the hex bolt and the bar end weights will come off exposing the grips.

Drink another beer.
On the clutch side just slide a small flat screwdriver between the rubber grip and the handlebar to break the seal between the grip and the handlebar. You will have to do this all the way around the grip.

Crack open another beer.
The throttle grip is held in place by a slot and grove system on the stop/start cluster (I am sure there is a formal name.) Unscrew the back of the cluster unit which can then be spread apart and allow the grip to come out of that track. Then remove your throttle cables. Just note which was the upper cable and lower before you total remove them. Drink another beer

Install grips per instructions, and have a beer per side. Stand back, admire your work while drinking a beer.
That's really good Strykeback. Sounded just like something Miko would say. ;)
1 - 2 of 91 Posts
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