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Stryker Manual

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OK I think I got it...lol..


You should be able to download the 23M file.

I hope this helps..

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bump for the newbs
I assume the 2011's and 2012's are identical??? No changes??
You are correct there have been no changes since the bike was introduced in 2011
Anyone know the torque for the rear brake disc?
17 ft-lb
Thanks skwerlee, I should have that 240 on by tomorrow afternoon, I just dropped it off at the shop. I painted the dust cover a Satin Black. Just incase I want to put that back on. I was thinking of painting that rear belt pulley balck too. HEHE gettin carried away.
No prob. Painting that rear pulley is definitely on my to-do list
Is this the same manual for the 2015 Stryker ?
yes the 2011 through current models are identical aside from color options.
1 - 5 of 91 Posts
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