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OK I think I got it...lol..


You should be able to download the 23M file.

I hope this helps..

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Hey fellow Stryker riders, first time using this site so bare with me. I have read through this thread regarding the Repair Manual and have a question. It says that the Repair manual covers 2011-2015, I have a 2014 with 15,000 miles on it and just replaced my spark plugs and was going to adjust the valves. So my question is, the repair manual on cover says for models XVS13AA(C), XVS13CTS(C), AND XVS13CA(C); my model is XVS13CE(C). Will this manual and instructions still work for me to use? And I am in California if that makes any difference due to smog possibly.
Yes, this is the only manual available.
"Most" everything will be identical.
You may find a Manual that is specific to your CA bike with the "E" in the title but I doubt you'll find one for free.
Check with a good dealer and ask them what the difference is in your particular model with the E.
HERE'S one for $3.50
1 - 2 of 91 Posts
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