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Stryker on the Dyno at last!

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This has been a long time coming, mainly because of the V&H backorder, but I finally got my Stage 1 Upgrade done and my bike back from the shop today. Here’s what I had done:
- Vance & Hines Twin Slash Staggered black
- Barons Air filter
- DynoJet Power Commander V
- tuned on the Dyno machine
- Spiegler steel-braded Brake Line installed

First impression: it’s REALLY loud, much more so than I was expecting, but I’m ok with that. After hard acceleration and then roll off on the throttle I get a very loud & crisp decel pop, very much like you would expect from a race bike, and loud enough to put an old lady walking by into cardiac arrest. Second impression was a huge performance difference in throttle response, especially in the low end. I only have about 40min. on the bike since picking it up but so far I’m very happy with the results.

Here’s the bike on the Dyno:

Here is the graph result from the dyno. Blue line is before (stock hp rating) and Red line is after the mods were done. As you can see from the graph there was a noticeable performance gain all the way through the spectrum, in other words the performance gains weren’t just at Max HP but also showed gains in the low torque as well.

This is the upper left corner of the readout, shows Max HP ratings as: Stock 65.80 and after Mods 77.00

Here’s the pipes:

Here’s the Barons Air Filter (I had the shop paint over the Barons squiggly design)

This is the bracket that was left after removing the CA emissions canister. I guess I’ll be cutting that off.. or maybe attach a GoPro video camera to it!

And this is the Spiegler Steal-braded Brake Line

I figured you guys would want to hear what the pipes sounds like so I had my wife film me side-by-side while she was driving. Very short video, and honestly even though I used a good camera & mic the sound on this video doesn’t do the true noise levels justice. It’s really loud.

first chance I get I’ll be testing the top-end speed and reporting back to you guys. In the “trouble hitting 120” thread I had mentioned that I couldn’t quite get my bike to hit 130 on a down-hill push. I’m expecting that it shouldn’t be a problem on level ground now..

I would like to thank ROADKILL & Shane for helping me figure out how to upload these images for you guys. thnx,Terry
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Just going through the box of parts they took off my bike and found the bike’s tool kit, so I removed the seat and found the power commander. Here’s a pic
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Really, really, really nice job! Everthing that I would want on my Stryker. People around here in Maine don't like the loud pipes but I sure do! Do you think the LEO's will bother with you? Can you make the sound respectable through town?
Thanks! I’m not sure what LEO’s are, I’m guessing you mean law enforcement..? if that’s it then no I don’t anticipate any issues because loud bikes are very common here in San Diego, tons of Harley riders that are really loud-n-slow! And yes if coasting at a low RPM then the pipes are not that loud at all
LEO= Law Enforcement Officer...

Great job on the mods. I may be using your bike as as a template for mine as far as performance upgrades.

Great color choice, by the way!
Thank you SouthSide, and yeah you have great taste in color choice as well ;D I had to speal order mine from yamaha. BTW can I call you Joliet Jake? Very cool! I graduated highschool out in Chicago. Great place to ride the back roads from small town to town…
Haha, I kinda like the sound of that. I'm actually one town over from Joliet, and yeah, I love riding the back roads around here.

Where'd you grow up at?
Barrington, about 40+ miles N/W of you, Shamburgh, Palatine, Downers Grove… did a lot of riding out there!
I'm somewhat familiar with that area. I may have to head up there with the bike one of these weekends.
On the Brake lines can you get the part numbers for them thank you.
Very nice and those pipes sound great. How do you like the brake lines? Can you tell the difference when braking?
Roger said:
On the Brake lines can you get the part numbers for them thank you.
here is a pic of the packaging that the front brakeline came in, but looks like the part # is S-YA0241


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Sweet. The same mods I've got, 'cept I put the Cobra CVT on it instead of the dyno. Pretty much the results I expected.
Thanks SDSTing! We have been waiting along time for results like this from Dyno run. You also just helped me decide what RPM I want to shift at for the drags this Sunday.
Awesome. Good Job Terry. Hopefully next time I'm in Diego I will have similar mods so I can keep up. lol.
Mentat Ix: very cool. So is the Cobra CVT an auto tune?

11: thanks! So the numbers you are reading on the graph would indicate you would want to shift around 6,2500 RPMs right? Looks like the rev limiter kicked in after that and the needles on the graph dropped off. Is that how you are reading it?

Toby: thanks bud, and if you don’t get your mods done by the next time you come down you are more than welcome to take my bike out for a stretch (and I wouldn’t make that offer to just anybody!)
Hey Sd, I am reading that I want to shift into next gear when the next gear will be starting at 3750 Rpm's. that is when Torque starts to peak and makes that till around 4500 till it starts to drop off. HP starts it's peak at 5000 rpm and carries out to rev limiter at 6250. I will have to do some testing to see what rpm I have to be at in 1st so that when I go to 2nd I will be starting that gear at 3750 and so on for 2nd to 3rd. I won't need more than 3rd. And I definately don't want to hit rev limiter. during the run. It is only 1/8 mile strip. Guys that are doing good there are barely making 90 mph. Long wheelbase Stryker is a plus for off the line compared to Crotch rockets. Crotchers have to control the wheelie, where I won't have to. They don't allow wheelie bars and bikes have to be street legal. I'm not going with any great expectations. I just want to see what it will do. I know I won't come home with any trophies. Just going for a day of fun. Will have someone there to video my runs and post them here.
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11 I have some advice for your drags. I used to do a lot of sportbike racing on the tracks and I went to the drags one time to learn how to get a better start off the raceline, trying to be the first guy diving into turn 1 leading the pack. Here is what you want to do: just before you think you will get the lightbar going to green you want to take your RPMs up to just under redline and HOLD it there (don’t twist the throttle up/down, just hold it). When you get the green light feather the clutch out so you have the perfect grab/launch. Don’t dump the clutch to spin the tire, anyone that does that will be sitting at the line spinning their tire while you are launching down the track. Trust me on this, it worked for me every time at the start of a race. Let me know how it works out.
Forgot to mention on the steelbraded brakeline install: you will notice in this photo I cut the bracket that held the plastic reflector and held the brakeline in a clamp. I asked the shop if it was going to be an issue before the brakeline was installed and they said no, I won’t need the brakeline bracket/clamp that I had removed, and they were right. The steel line does not need any additional support.

Here is a pic of the line coming off the handlebars if anyone is interested.
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Thanks SD, I will try that. I will probably need a new clutch after all this! HEHEHE
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