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Stryker Owners Lacking in the West Coast

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In looking over the members location map, it is obvious that there are very few Stryker owners here in the West Coast. Why is that? Any opinions on this? Honestly, I dont really mind this because it makes my bike a bit more uniques... :p
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hey all..... just hit 3000 miles in alittle over 2 months... and im in the same boat... get tons of attention from other riders druling over my Raven... and pround to tell them its a yamaha.... and they are always floored... its great... came in second against 20 other harleys in a slow race contest last weeknd... good times.... im in Fullerton ca....

be safe everyone... and keep up the good ideas... ive found so many cheap and do it yourself mods on here.... thanks all...
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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