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Stryker Owners Lacking in the West Coast

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In looking over the members location map, it is obvious that there are very few Stryker owners here in the West Coast. Why is that? Any opinions on this? Honestly, I dont really mind this because it makes my bike a bit more uniques... :p
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Yosemite said:
Theres got to be more... I just dont think there on the internet much. My dealer hasnt been able to keep the stryker in stock.
Yeah, I think you are right. Although I have yet to see a Stryker on the road beside mine... :D

Hey Yosemite, I assume that you are up in the mountains. You must have some outstanding rides up there huh?
Yosemite said:
yep I live 45 miles outside Yosemite National Park and I work for the park so I get a great 60 mile round trip of canyon roads from my house to work every day (my pegs are almost worn out). I try for at least a 100+ mile trip every weekend. I was just down in the Sac area last weekend. Ive had the bike a little over 3 weeks and have 1300 miles. I was going to try and hit 5 to 6 k this season but I think dropping it off at corbin is going to hurt me in reaching that goal. But should be worth it.
Fantastic! Now that is some riding and what a great place to do it. Have fun and be safe Yosemite!
Straightjacket said:
Havn't seen any over here either, a couple o Raiders though? :-X
Thats just fine isnt it? Better than seeing the same bikes on every other block.
Yep I do like the attention it gets. I also like having something unique with character and the Stryker fits the bill.
Welcome to the forum and mod on.
1 - 6 of 21 Posts
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