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Stryker Range

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I was just wondering what kind of range you guys are getting out of your Stryker. For me, the LCD display switches to the 1/4 tank indicator at about 95 mi. I usually ignore that and wait for the fuel light to come on. This happens at about 130 mi. Then the LCD starts counting up to show how many miles you've gone on reserve tank. I think the farthest I've gone on that counter is 9.2 mi. So in total, my farthest on a tank was 139.2 mi.

Are you seeing similar numbers?
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It really depends on how i ride it, i really can't ride around town w/o getting on the pipe once in a while or more ;D
Deja, you might have to get it lowered for you to comfotably ride it. I'm 6 1" and could not sit flatfooted on one.???
I have my Stryker since I got back from deployment in Nov 2010 and I noticed that in the city riding used to get me only about 130 Miles, I got 2000 miles behind me now on my Stryker and on my last trip I got 198 miles out of a tank and fuel light did not come on jet when I re fueld. So on the interstate/ country roads way good milage, I was surprised!!! I love this Bike ;)

2000 miles? very cool Wam, you must live somewhere south.

the yammi fuel gauge does take some getting use to.
For the first time in 11K+ miles I tried reg gas in my bike today, and I could not tell the difference. Gas out west here is up to $415 a gallon and still going up. :-\

dejablu110 said:
I know gas is expensive but I dont want to take a chance on using
that grade. Mine just had a major decarb done and now I am adding
a fuel additive as well.
a major decarb? on FI?
I only buy Chevron gas. I have 11 driving school cars and only issue Chevron cards to my instructors, never had any fuel related problems what so ever. Years ago I owned a Precision Tune Franchise, and we sold Techroline fuel system cleaner which worked the best of all. This is a additive to Chevron gas, that they have been using for years.

From the Techron press release: "...Techron additive was derived from Techroline, the additive previously used in Chevron gasolines. Techron is an even more effective mixture of compounds that fight deposits in an engine's intake system, and is added to Chevron gasolines at a higher dose than the Techroline additive. Like Techroline, Techron does not contribute to combustion chamber deposits."
dejablu110 said:
yeah, clean out the carbon in the system.....decarbonize...lol
It was full of junk, thats why it was running so bad.
If you are buying no name gas, I would encourage you to use name brand, there really is a difference. I know I pay more for it, but it is worth it. The good gas doesn't leave behind the deposits that cause your engine's combustion chamber to build up in the first place.

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