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Stryker Range

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I was just wondering what kind of range you guys are getting out of your Stryker. For me, the LCD display switches to the 1/4 tank indicator at about 95 mi. I usually ignore that and wait for the fuel light to come on. This happens at about 130 mi. Then the LCD starts counting up to show how many miles you've gone on reserve tank. I think the farthest I've gone on that counter is 9.2 mi. So in total, my farthest on a tank was 139.2 mi.

Are you seeing similar numbers?
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I rode on some back roads, nothing real hard, not much city traffic and I put about 130 miles on a full tank. If I remember correctly, it took about 2.8 gallons to top off the tank.
My dealer told me not to use premium. I usually use 89 octane, sometimes 87, and get well over 40 mpg when riding on highway, not always so good in town, which I expected.
dealer told me I'd be wasting my money on high octane, but he did say to avoid the ethanol, but its hard to find anyone who doesn't have ethanol now.
Just filled up this afternoon (filled up yesterday morning with 87 octane) after drilling holes in exhaust last week and riding the bike to work the past two days. Averaged almost 45 mpg. Guess I better go drill 8 more holes in the exhaust ;D ;D ;D.
1 - 4 of 106 Posts
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