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I was just wondering what kind of range you guys are getting out of your Stryker. For me, the LCD display switches to the 1/4 tank indicator at about 95 mi. I usually ignore that and wait for the fuel light to come on. This happens at about 130 mi. Then the LCD starts counting up to show how many miles you've gone on reserve tank. I think the farthest I've gone on that counter is 9.2 mi. So in total, my farthest on a tank was 139.2 mi.

Are you seeing similar numbers?
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See, now that seems weird to me because Yamaha has the Stryker listed at smaller tank and less gas mileage, but this weekend Desiree and I filled up at the same time and went on the same ride. I came dangerously close to pushing my Raider. I was about 14 miles with the light on. Max I've done is 18 so far. Her light never came on.

The scariest part is we were heading in from the desert and pushing it would've really been a b!tch. We were no where near a gas station.
dejablu110 said:
pffffffffffffffffffffffffft I have never got good mileage out of
my raider......its always aggravated me, but I love the
bike so...... :p :p
I figure it this way... It's better mileage than the V-Max.
dejablu110 said:
Oh nooooooo don't say that. I love that bike!
I know, but have you looked at the specs. It gets about half of what the Raider does. It pretty much has to. Smaller engine and way more horsepower.
RedStar said:
the yammi fuel gauge does take some getting use to.
RedStar- Have you seen the Stryker gauge? It's nothing like the Raider. It's a digital gauge on the speedo. You have to select it to see it and it just shows a number of "o" characters that go from E to F. (EoooooF) It's probably more accurate than the Raider. I swear once I get below half a tank the Raider is just weird to read. When I first bought it I kept stopping for gas thinking that the 3/4 mark was half way.

I believe the V-Star 1300 has the same gauge.
Oops! Sorry. Only looked at it a couple of times, but that makes perfect sense. I had wondered if it automatically switched to the fuel display when at a certain level.
We have the same issues with the Raider. Feel lucky. I have to fill up way before my wife does with her Stryker.
I only put premium in the Raider and Styker. I know Desiree is getting more than 95 miles on a tank.
RedStar said:
For the first time in 11K+ miles I tried reg gas in my bike today, and I could not tell the difference. Gas out west here is up to $415 a gallon and still going up. :-\
$415 per gallon??? Oh my God! That's almost $2000 to fill up. And I felt bad that my premium price just hit over $4.

Sorry, RSR. Couldn't resist.
dejablu110 said:
I know gas is expensive but I dont want to take a chance on using
that grade.
I hear you and I think I'm going to start using sea foam more often. I have always used premium in my Raider.
SanDiegoStryker said:
"our bikes"?

Are you talking about your Raider or about Strykers? Going off of this article:

It states:
The 4-gallon fuel tank includes a subtank under the seat. Star claims an average 40.9 mpg. Combined with the savings of using regular (86 octane or higher) gas, it won’t cost an arm and a leg to reach the estimated 160 miles of overall range.
That is a great article.
Straightjacket said:
This is like discussing religon, or politics! ;D Ran a couple o tanks through mine gettin around 130 per and 3.2ish to fill. I've had my countdown to 8, seems like it has a bit of reserve. One of these weekends I'm taking a can to see how far I can go on the light.
Don't push it too far. The fuel pump requires fuel to stay cool. I just replaced my fuel pump in my Raider and it came to around $800 for parts and labor. The best practice is to never see that light come on or if you do get gas immediately.
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