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I was just wondering what kind of range you guys are getting out of your Stryker. For me, the LCD display switches to the 1/4 tank indicator at about 95 mi. I usually ignore that and wait for the fuel light to come on. This happens at about 130 mi. Then the LCD starts counting up to show how many miles you've gone on reserve tank. I think the farthest I've gone on that counter is 9.2 mi. So in total, my farthest on a tank was 139.2 mi.

Are you seeing similar numbers?
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RedStar said:
For the first time in 11K+ miles I tried reg gas in my bike today, and I could not tell the difference. Gas out west here is up to $415 a gallon and still going up. :-\
$415 per gallon??? Oh my God! That's almost $2000 to fill up. And I felt bad that my premium price just hit over $4.

Sorry, RSR. Couldn't resist.
dejablu110 said:
I know gas is expensive but I dont want to take a chance on using
that grade.
I hear you and I think I'm going to start using sea foam more often. I have always used premium in my Raider.
SanDiegoStryker said:
"our bikes"?

Are you talking about your Raider or about Strykers? Going off of this article:

It states:
The 4-gallon fuel tank includes a subtank under the seat. Star claims an average 40.9 mpg. Combined with the savings of using regular (86 octane or higher) gas, it won’t cost an arm and a leg to reach the estimated 160 miles of overall range.
That is a great article.
I'm just not sure where anyone has read that the Stryker needs 91 octane. Everywhere I have read says regular.
I've just always heard that any bike should run premium.....that's all
Even my blasters and raptor gets it.
I was at the dealer today watching them assemble my new Stryker and there was no "use only xxx octane" sticker on the tank. I figured that would be there from the factory. Unless the mechanic installs it during the PDI.
My manual says 86 or 89, depending on the Octane method is done.
Yes, and if you are putting in higher octane gas than your manual says the engine needs, you are just wasting money. I'm not going to try to convert anyone. If you really want to use premium gas that's up to you. However, this is from Consumer Reports:

"Many people use premium gasoline in the belief that it's better for engines than regular. That can be a costly mistake, especially during times of high fuel prices. Octane grades don't represent a "good, better, best" choice; they simply measure the resistance of fuel to knocking or pinging, a condition in which gasoline burns uncontrollably in the engine's combustion chambers."


"Using premium gas in an engine designed to run on regular doesn't improve performance."
Dead-On! Only need Premium if getting engine knocks or pings. Then if it is a new noise that you did not have previously, may well be other problems.
ok, I gotcha. Maybe your engines are made for running low octane.
Raiders have a sticker that say no lower than 91 so.........

On a side note, I understand that the old way of thinking was to run
high octane in vehicles, but newer vehicles , that arent high performance,
do not require it and you will run into problems....even the check engine
light coming on.....if you run high octane in non high performance engines.
I do know this. Bikes are high performance engines....I believe, but maybe
bike engines are headed in the same direction as cars, being that it isnt
necessary to run high octane...IDK
I'm Thinking the Computer Fuel Injection is changing all this. My pick-up has 9 to1 compression and has run on 86 octane since I bought it new with no problems. I agree with you Dejablu- if your bike says use 91 Octane, I would be sticking to 91 Octane also.
On another note- I had a friend back in 1995 that hauled gasoline for a living. He hauled to many different gas stations( Different as in Sunoco, Atlantic, Esso, Etc) He said he would go to the same distribution center and load at 1 of 4 spots everytime. Only difference in fuel was Octane and what Additives they added before filling tank according to specs. Not sure if this holds true today 16 years later, but I'm guessing it is. I've heard that Kwik-Fill-Red Apple is US oil only.
Just got back from a 900mi trip and got 52 mpg/ highway on 87 octane
Super, I can't seem to keep my right hand from over twisting the throttle. I'm only getting around 28 MPG.
This is like discussing religon, or politics! ;D Ran a couple o tanks through mine gettin around 130 per and 3.2ish to fill. I've had my countdown to 8, seems like it has a bit of reserve. One of these weekends I'm taking a can to see how far I can go on the light.
Straightjacket said:
This is like discussing religon, or politics! ;D Ran a couple o tanks through mine gettin around 130 per and 3.2ish to fill. I've had my countdown to 8, seems like it has a bit of reserve. One of these weekends I'm taking a can to see how far I can go on the light.
Don't push it too far. The fuel pump requires fuel to stay cool. I just replaced my fuel pump in my Raider and it came to around $800 for parts and labor. The best practice is to never see that light come on or if you do get gas immediately.
Ares X is dead straight correct on that one. Even cars and pickups are the same way. Should not run out of fuel on purpose. Very expensive to fix!
There is a misconception of having to run high octane is just that. The Stryker has a 9.5:1 ratio which is actually low. So a lower octane fuel will actually give you more power and better gas mileage. As was mentioned run low octane as long as it does not knock. The one thing you want to stay away from is ethanol gas. It will greatly reduce your mileage and lead to engine issues in the long run.

I race Formula race cars and have done a bunch of research and dyno testing to back it. Ethanol will give you slightly more horsepower, maybe 1 or 2 HP but your mileage will fall off. When we do endurance races we always go for non-ethanol fuel.

Hope this helps.... BTW I love my Stryker, I just wish there was some carbon fibre parts available. I think I may need to make some molds at the race shop and see what I can come up with.
My stryker gets so so mileage. Crap in town, its hard not to twist the throttle.
3.2 Gallons = 110 miles for me. All highway it probably wouldn't be so bad.

I run 91 Octane Non OXY off road/ boat fuel. Just paid 4.15/gal for it earlier today.
I run it because I don't want the fuel breaking down if it sits for a few weeks.
It's just that there aren't any stations here that sell non ethanol
gas. It really sucks and I'm not real sure what exactly to do other
throw a little redline gas treatment in every so often.
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