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Stryker Range

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I was just wondering what kind of range you guys are getting out of your Stryker. For me, the LCD display switches to the 1/4 tank indicator at about 95 mi. I usually ignore that and wait for the fuel light to come on. This happens at about 130 mi. Then the LCD starts counting up to show how many miles you've gone on reserve tank. I think the farthest I've gone on that counter is 9.2 mi. So in total, my farthest on a tank was 139.2 mi.

Are you seeing similar numbers?
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Natedog said:
I just checked the manual and:

Fuel Tank
15.0L (4.96 US gal, 3.3 Imp gal)

Reserve tank
5.0L (1.32 US gal, 1.1 Imp gal)
I really don't wanna doubt Yams own manual. But this is just not right. After doing flinstones I put in 4.3 gallons.

Theoretical it has a 4 + 1 tank. Or in other words a 5 gallon fuel capacity altogether. In reality you wont be able to put in 5 gallons, unless you park your bike on a 30' downslope.
I made a typo - should be 3.96 US gal NOT 4.96
Im sure it's only a fifteen litre tank and the of those litres are the reserve
There is a separate reserve tank. Its under the seat.
I went on a long group ride with Star Touring and Riding last weekend. We were mostly up and down some mountain back roads. I was at 142 mi before my fuel light came on! I was amazed. It was by far the farthest I have gone before the light came on.
101 - 106 of 106 Posts
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