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Stryker wouldn't start...then it did...starter switch?

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I was running errands yesterday so I was starting and stopping and sitting in traffic quite a bit. I stopped to get gas, and when I went to leave, I pressed the starter switch and nothing happened. No sounds, nothing. When I turned the key to on, the speedo did it's sweep and I could hear the fuel injectors doing their thing, but the start switch did nothing, as if the battery wasn't connected. Took the seat off, checked the battery cables, fuses, looked for loose connections, nothing wrong. Took the switch housing off to look inside, nothing wrong there. This whole time I had been pressing the starter just hoping it would all the sudden work.

All told, I probably pressed it 60 times. Then while pressing it, I heard a click. Then a couple more clicks and bam, it started! ???

I stopped one more time on my way home. Came back and went to start it, it clicked once and then fired up. Any thoughts? Has anyone had a switch go bad? I might take the housing apart again and look at the contact spot to see if it's crudded up.

BTW, it's a 2011 with 5700 miles on it and I bought it new. Haven't had any issues till that one. I did recently install my plate on the swing arm and wired the light down there.
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I tried every combination of clutch, kickstand, neutral, and in gear ways of starting it. None worked. When it finally did start, it was in neutral, kickstand down, and clutch out (my most common way of starting).
Straightjacket said:
But did you check the switches to see if their all the way pushed in, adj. correctly, you know that kinda thing? You can even ohm them out to be sure their working. Alot of times its just a little plastic tab that isnt cliked in all the way?
Yeah I did for the most part. I went riding yesterday and didn't have a problem though. Soon I'll have to really check everything under the seat and make sure it's good and clicked. I really do think there might be a problem with the switch. Just a gut feeling. We'll see I suppose.

skwerlee said:
If it's still under warranty I'd take it to the dealer.
There aren't any close dealers to me, so chances are slim I'll find time to get out there for an issue like this. If it gets worse though, then yeah I'll make time.
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