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I rode my Stryker there last year and did not see a single Styker there. I am not sure if I will be able to make it this year because I am planning a cross county ride between now and June that will go from Orlando, Florida to Los Angeles. From there I will turn north up the Pacific Coast Highway to Seattle or Canada before turning east and eventually back down to FL. After that I am not sure I will have the ability to make the Sturgis run again.

Last year was my first Sturgis experience. I suggest not riding intoxicated while there because they have cops at every intersection who constantly have bikers pulled over if they show any sign of weaving. I suggest you take a shuttle bus in town if you stay at a nearby campground and plan to drink. I did not get to stay the whole week, due to work, so I do not have a lot of advice. We stayed in Keystone the first few nights. I spent most of my time there riding during the day to all the great near by attractions (Mt Rushmore, Needles, Black Hills, Deadwood, Custer, Keystone, etc). That is a must ride area. give it a few days. By the end of the days we were too tired and too far away to make it into Stugis. On my last night/day (tues) we stayed at a campground just outside Sturgis. They offered a shuttle in to town so we did that at night so we could drink.

I attended with my brother, who has been there numerous times, so he was a great guide. He kept commenting how many fewer people there were every place we went. Apparently attendance was way down. They have huge bars in sturgis and they were all only 25-40% occupied. I didn't mind because lower attendance made for less traffic. I left mid week, so maybe it got more crowded as time went on.

I do suggest you start your day very early, if you plan to ride, before the crowds/traffic get too bad. Otherwise you will be spending a lot of time stalled in traffic.

Also, it usually rained on us few times each day, so be prepared for that.
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