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Stutter star

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Bought a 2017 Stryker, with 6000km
It has a stutter start,
Checked the belt was very loose tightened to 10lb
Still has stutter start from stand still or low rpm.
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The stutter or shake is in the front end as you engage first gear from standstill
Hey there, Alberta!

Are you starting with zero throttle in first gear, just letting the clutch out? Or are you applying throttle as you feather out the clutch?

I ask that because I have noticed over the years if I try to pull out of a dead stop (like in my parking garage) with zero throttle, there is a bit of shake. But, frankly, not nearly as much as a Harley.

Once I swapped out the clutch cable for the Barnett aftermarket (waaaay easier to pull) it got smoother, particularly when revving the engine somewhat.
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