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Suggested Rides in the Staunton Virginia area

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Next week we are hauling the bikes down to a KOA in Staunton Virginia for the Labor Day weekend. We were planning to ride Skyline Drive, but any other good routes in the area or places to go see that are recommended? This is our first time taking the converted horse trailer/RV with the bikes. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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If you head north towards Harrisonburg from Staunton and take US Rt 33 west you'll be on your way to the route I mentioned. Well worth it, I used to ride those roads every weekend on my sport bikes. One tip, there is an Exxon station in the middle of no where when you get through the mountains. Get gas. Lol

33 west to rt 220 south to rt 250 east. 250 will take you back to Staunton.
That is a nice ride, but to add I would take a right when you get to Harman and go into the Canaan Valley State Park and check out Blackwater Falls.

Been in that area many times since I am from the Shenandoah Valley area of VA.

But Skyline Drive is very nice too. Yes, there is a fee but the $10 motorcycle fee is good for that day and 6 days after. If you go that way, check out Luray Caverns.
Check out these links.


Hot Springs, VA - Very nice area, small town, historic.
We returned from our trip to Staunton VA. It was a nice weekend and a very successful attempt with our converted living quarters horse (and now motorcycle) trailer.

One day we road up 340 to Front Royal and got on Skyline Drive. That was a nice ride, but the overlooks and 35mph get old by mile marker 70. Add to that, we got caught in a big rain storm at mm 50, and decided to hike down to the falls to try and keep dryer. Lucky we found a big rock outcrop and stayed fairly dry for the 30 minutes rain storm. We will go back but I know we won't do the entire 103 miles. With the photography interest we stopped at a lot of the lookouts for good photo opps. The highlight was seeing a small black bear right along the roadway.

Sunday we went south to Natural Bridge and the Safari. The Safari was really cool with all the animals. We rode the wagon and all the animals would come right up to be fed. It was a really nice place, very well kept and with a knowledgeable staff. The Natural Bridge, caverns and wax museum were OK but nothing spectacular. We only had two full days so we didn't get to go north to Blackwater Falls. We will go back in the fall and do some more exploring.

I'll post some pics in the coming days.

Thanks again for the information.
Yep, I have done the Skyline Drive from Front Royal all the way into NC. Definitely a long way when stopping all the time.
And I didn't even mind 45mph, but when you get behind the guy doing 25 mph and won't pull over, that got irritating. But it is still a nice drive and we will go back. I wanted to walk around Big Meadow, but we still had 45 miles to go and it was starting to get late in the afternoon.

Bad part was that the valley area was overcast, so we couldn't get any real crisp pictures. Maybe next time!

But a good test for the camper/trailer. We will be ready for the Stryker Rally next year!
I use to camp at Big Meadows campground. Very nice area.
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