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I searched this forum and found the link for Colorite. $39 for an aerosol can, LOL forgetaboutit. So I found this on the RoadStarWarrior forum:


TECK said:
Hi guys,
I know a lot of you have had trouble matching the swingarm paint color in the past. I just completed my swingarm mods and searched everywhere to get an off the shelf spray can touch up paint. I found what appears to be the exact color from an Auto paint place down here. The color is called Ferrari 703. It is used on the Ferrari engine brackets and covers. Identical match with a fine metallic look as per the Warrior std paint. Hope this helps anyone interested.
rquest said:
I had good luck with "Rustolium black metal-flake" and finishing that off with a Matt-Clear. If you do a clear make sure you stay with the same base, Lacquer on lacquer or Enamel on Enamel, etc...
MikeOlmt said:
VHT makes an engine enamel color called Pearl Black which is an exact match to the Yami OEM swingarm/engine case. The color with the metallic/pearl in it and the matt finish is exact!!!! Plus it's high-temp!!

You can find it in AutoZone. But, it's VHT, so it should be able to be ordered online or at any store that normally carries any of the VHT line.

It is in a large spray can... so for touch-ups or spot fixes you can spray a little in a plastic cup, or the cap of the can, and use a brush to apply!!!

The frame is the same color as the swingarm.... Right???
sounds like MikeOlmt's case is the strongest because he is the most enthusiastic, LOL. VHT is readily available so I will give it a go. I'm going to be doing some chassis mods ...
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