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Hi Everyone,

Proud, new owner of my Stryker (purchased in May). I'm just getting around to riding it with all the great weather now. :) Anyway, I have a few bikes in my garage (sportbikes) that stack up neatly because they all have front/rear stands. The lovely thing is that they have casters, too so everything is very easy to move. I'm trying to find, at minimum, a rear swingarm stand for this beast since, when on the kickstand, takes an ungodly amount of extra space(not to mention the added guesswork of where to set it to avoid a closing garage door.

Anyone found anything out there for it? Current stands obviously won't work because the Stryker is about 5-8 inches wider in the rear than my other bikes and well, it's freaking heavy in comparison.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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