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Switchblade pegs?

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Hey all
Well I've had the bike now for a few months. Everything is awesome....but the pegs. I just can't seem to get my feet right....haha.
Some of the problem is that I wear steel toe doc martens and they are thick in the front so I had to raise the shift lever as far as it would go without it comin off. But then I have to sit with my foot out at an angle cuz lever is so high. Hard to explain but its just not comfortable. And I'm not switchin boots....I been wearing these boots for 20 years....plus they are my work boots.
So I was looking at the switchblade pegs as they would allow me to move my foot back some and give full support.
I know people here have them but I can't find any pics.
Do u like them?
Are they comfortable when riding or does it feel like feet are too far back?
Are they thinner than the stockers or about the same?

Are they part 4446 and adaptor 8810?

Was also looking at swingwings but don't like how they stick out so far.
And mini boards too.....but they don't look as good.

Also gonna throw on the shift and brake covers while I'm down there.

Please let me know about the switchblades but if any other suggestions....I'd like to hear those too.

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