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Tail Of The Dragon 11 MILES 318 HAIRPIN TURNS (with video)

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Hi All. Just wondering if any one here has ever taken the ride on the Tail Of The Dragon. 11 MILES WITH 318 HAIRPIN TURNS I know some that have and said it was great. A few had minor crashes, but said it was worth it. One day hoping to do it myself.


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Re: Tail Of The Dragon (with video)

I did it, twice, 1st time on a VTX 1300 with a 300mm rear, longest ride of my life, I fought that thing to turn the whole time, 2nd time on my Stryker, not the easiest ride but much better than the VTX. The sport bikes really get on your last nerve as they just assume you will get out of their way and they will pass you in your lane in the turns. I have a client that does videos for Kawasaki and one of their commercials was shot there. They kept pushing her to go faster thru some of the turns. Back tire finally blew on her and she spent 6 weeks in the hospital from making sweet love to a tree. It is fun but as said before, take your time and enjoy the scenery.
Re: Tail Of The Dragon (with video)

I spent the night in a drunk tank in Murphy about 20 years ago
that is true but the sportbikes passing you from behind in your lane is the worst part of it, but it's still fun, i'd do it again
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