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Tail Of The Dragon 11 MILES 318 HAIRPIN TURNS (with video)

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Hi All. Just wondering if any one here has ever taken the ride on the Tail Of The Dragon. 11 MILES WITH 318 HAIRPIN TURNS I know some that have and said it was great. A few had minor crashes, but said it was worth it. One day hoping to do it myself.


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Re: Tail Of The Dragon (with video)

First trip I took after getting the Stryker was down the blue ridge and onto the tail of the dragon. Definately worth it. Check out the Two Wheel Inn, each room comes with a garage for the bike. Plan on a couple of days down there, the roads are great and there are multiple 200 plus mile routes all around the area. I road loops that are larger then my state. Seriously take the time and go. Www.twowheelinn.com Blue ridge parkway is great as well the tail end in North Carolina and the top end in Virginia are fantastic, middle section is streight and boring. 469 miles and no stop signs .... fricken awesome.
I also stayed at the Switzerland inn, at the diamond back lodge. Good room, good price, covored parking for the bikes as well.
I'm planning on making there at least once a year. If you take a look at my SN image that is a photo I took on the blueridge.
Worth it .... yes
Re: Tail Of The Dragon (with video)


Page 59, bottom of the page me on my raven Stryker riding the tail of the dragon.

This road is sharp and dangerous take your time and check out this post,


Ride at your pace, sport bikes will be blowing by you all day on this road.
Re: Tail Of The Dragon (with video)

So Toby when is the Stryker convention at your place so we can all ride these roads ;D
Semis are a huge threat here as well. Their GPS units pull it up as a shortcut. These guys can not make the turns sometimes get stuck but mostly just take up both lanes and real havoc.
On a side note does anyone see something wrong with carrying a ball hammer to smash the rear view mirrors of people who drive bikers off the road???
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