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Tall Tale

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Well have tio share this with my fellow Stryker owners. Went riding with my brother yesterday. He owns a Harley Heritage Soft Tail. We always give each other sh... about each others bike. Well we both jumped on it at a stop sign on a country road. It was pretty even through 2nd gear but when I hit 3rd gear it was all over but the crying!! I pulled away from him like I had hit a nitrous switch. I probably could have pulled way quicker if I could have heard my engine over his pipes in first and second gears. Anyway, nothing else was said after that ass whoopin'!!! Boy did I feel good after that! LOVE THIS BIKE!!!
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I didn't have the heart Straightjacket to embarass him anymore! He is my older bro so I took it easy on him! I am sure it is eating him alive everyday!!!
I am going to do the Cobra Power Commander and exhausts with some kinda of intake (haven't decided which one yet), over the winter. I never want to get beat by a HD.
I don't know why it bothers me so much to have HD's win a race. Guess it's their attitude. Everyone who owns one thinks they are some kinda gang member. Maybe I should have bought a Vmax!!!!
Hey Deja, rode a Raider yesterday at the dealer. Wow, that is a sweet engine! That bike can woop some major HD trash can't it!
1 - 5 of 17 Posts
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