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Taller riders with boulevard windshield??

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Just wondering if any taller riders on here have the boulevard windshield? I am 6'4" so anyone that might be close to that let me know how the boulevard feels before i make the purchase. Thanks!
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AHam said:
I'm short at 5'7" and I just put mine on the other night and I noticed that the wind pressure is completely gone BUT now I can't hear a thing at highway speeds and I wear a full face helmet. It's like my head is in a canyon with rushing water LOUD. LOL
i'm 5'8" and also where a full face helmet... I've been having problems with helmet buffer at highways speeds. it sounds like the boulevard fixed the buffering issue but created a noise issue? perhaps earplugs would help??? i know some guys that won't ride w/o earplugs.
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