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Tank rattles when shifting gears

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My entire bike rattles when I'm in first or second gear and I don't shift PERFECTLY. It's almost at the point where I have to have the clutch partially pressed at all times unless I'm at the exact speed for the gear that I'm in. This is especially prevalent in first and second gear. I thought it was because I am a newbie but my friend rode it and said it is not normal. The rattles hard and it seems like the gears are clunky as **** unless shifted with 100% precision.
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Do not go by the shift recommendations in the manual. They are horrid. Shift by ear and feel. 1>2 15-20 MPH, 2>3 30 MPH, 3>4 40 MPH, 4>5 50 MPH. Then you can even be more aggressive from there. I get 40 MPG at that basic scale of shifting and am very happy.
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