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Tapes & Stickers

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I have removed sticker on the gas tank and the Star emblems on the side covers as well as the Yamaha off the fender. Now that I have installed a solo seat and the OEM fender rack there are the five square tapes that were under the pinion I had planned on sitting down one day with a hair dryer and an old credit card and removing them as well. I have looked around a little and have seen them still on some bikes. Even with Patrice's amazing paint job on her bike, it appears they are still in place. Is there any reason that these tapes are required other than protecting the fender/paint from a pinion seat and/or saddlebags?
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Advice on getting that stupid gas tank warning sticker off? I was told to try some peanut butter-that won't hurt the paint job, will it? I'm afraid to use a hair dryer and produce heat on the gas tank!
Awesome-thanks guys!
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