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Well, I was fooling with the bike today and I figured I'd post this.

When I first got the bike, I immediately hated the footpegs. My feet were always slipping off. I tried some different sets right off the bat. The Kuryakyn Wings, the Switchblades and I finally ended up just sticking with ISOs. I grind through them so fast the cheaper ones are better.

Anyhow, none of that helped. What did help is this:

Its a simple deal. I just took some washers that were the right thickness, cut out some wedges and fused them on there with a TIG machine. You could also drill and tap a hole 'round there and do the same thing with a small bolt if you want some room to play. All it does is change the angle of the footpegs a little, so no more foot slipping.

Don't mind the other silly looking washers, the kury adapters for this bike are ****. :mad:
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