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There's been alot talk about the Stryker amongst us

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so....as a member of the raider forum and proud owner of a raider, I
am an enthusiast. I have tested the stryker and I think its a nice bike.
There are a few things I didnt like about it but, but overall, it is a good
bike for the money and I believe it will sell well.
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I was thinking bout getting a Raider but the Stryker fits me better. I'm looking forward to seeing what aftermarket goodies will be available. In defense of the Fury, my best friend has one. Its a nice bike. My biggest gripe is the shaft-drive. I like the look of a chain or belt drive better. I wish the Stryker had more of a tank like the Fury though. Just my 2 cents ;D
I test rode a Raider at Thunder on the Beach in Panama City two years ago. It did handle really well. The engine size didnt intimidate me but I am pretty short and the Stryker fits me better. I also looked at the Warrior but had the same problem. LOL
I agree with you on the Fury exhaust. I dont like the exhaust on the Stryker either. I think bike manuf have a contract with after-market pipe makers. They agree to make stock pipes as ugly as possible so buyers will replace them. LOL
Thanks! I think I'll be happy with the Stryker. I just hope they have as many after-market goodies as they do for the Raider. ;D
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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