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There's been alot talk about the Stryker amongst us

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so....as a member of the raider forum and proud owner of a raider, I
am an enthusiast. I have tested the stryker and I think its a nice bike.
There are a few things I didnt like about it but, but overall, it is a good
bike for the money and I believe it will sell well.
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Yeah, and a lot better than a cheap looking fury.
Sorry, but I've looked them over and the craftmanship
is shotty.
Definitely possibilities!
I really didnt like the crappy welds, the puny frame, exhaust looks like it should be on
a moped or something.....the sabre isnt bad, but the fury.....no way. The stryker will
appeal to more than the raider will, I believe.... just standing around the yamaha tent
at biketoberfest people just BELIEVE the raider is too big without even trying it. I dont
like that but hey, some are just intimidated by its engine size.
The Stryker is a very comfortable bike and will make alot happy with a 1300cc engine, but
as soon as I seen and rode a raider....I knew it was perfect. I dont like all the plastic
on it though, do like that the side cover is a real air breather, very easy to ride and NOT
intimidating at all......but I didnt find the raider intimidating either......center of balance
makes these yamahas very rideable and approachable.
Well at least you gave the raider a chance.....I respect that and you made your educated choice.
It's been slow for raiders actually. I think strykers will be different.....more
of a market for this bike.
1 - 6 of 17 Posts
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