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There's been alot talk about the Stryker amongst us

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so....as a member of the raider forum and proud owner of a raider, I
am an enthusiast. I have tested the stryker and I think its a nice bike.
There are a few things I didnt like about it but, but overall, it is a good
bike for the money and I believe it will sell well.
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I'm watching Yamaha for something in 2016. Just too conspicuous of a gap in the 2015 models. Hoping they go big and create a kick-ass bagger with all the goodies at a reasonable price but I don't know.
They tend to be price conscious and the extras cost.
If I go bagger I want all the toys at least available as options. 6th speed, great infotainment w/ at least 8" touchscreen, abs, paint matched hard-bags w/ decent storage, detachable trunk, heated grips/seat, electronic cruise control etc. etc.

Love my Yamaha but right now if I went bagger I'd have to look elsewhere :(
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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