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There's been alot talk about the Stryker amongst us

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so....as a member of the raider forum and proud owner of a raider, I
am an enthusiast. I have tested the stryker and I think its a nice bike.
There are a few things I didnt like about it but, but overall, it is a good
bike for the money and I believe it will sell well.
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Any update on the new Warrior?
Can't wait!

(inside joke on the newbs)
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Yami Dealer here says something in the works like a Strato Bagger w/the works for 2016. Dealers had a momentary sneak peak a few months ago. Another 4 year old thread HEHE
I do it on purpose now!
I keep seeing new members answering questions asked years ago.
I was bored so I had a little fun!:nod:
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