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Throttle Side mirror not budging... Am I missign something?

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ok.. so I am trying to change out the mirrors and for the life of me I cannot get the throttle side mirro to loosen up.. I am applying a lot of pressure and its just not moving.. I am scared to "really" apply pressure as Idon't want to damage anything.. am Imissing something? The clutch side came right off without a problem..
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Straightjacket said:
I know this has allready been fixed,but figured I'd throw im my.02, left handed threaded items are usually identified by a small groove going around them. It's not allways the case but most of the time.
I did notice that my right mirror has "notches" in the nut. Luckily I had read up on them having one that's left hand thread before I tried to take mine off. LOL
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